This class has triple the cargo capacity of the original Hapimou Class Freighter and in addition can carry colonists.

Hapimou - Mk 2 class Superfreighter 119 950 tons 495 Crew 3981.6 BP TCS 2399 TH 2000 EM 0 1667 km/s Armour 1-216 Shields 0-0 Sensors 1/1/0/0 Damage Control Rating 1 PPV 0 MSP 21 Max Repair 150 MSP Intended Deployment Time: 360 months Spare Berths 0 Cargo 75000 Cryogenic Berths 50000 Cargo Handling Multiplier 340

Tullock & Tafoya 400 EP Commercial Magneto-plasma Drive (10) Power 400 Fuel Use 4.42% Signature 200 Exp 5% Fuel Capacity 300 000 Litres Range 10.2 billion km (70 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

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