This is a multi-purpose 1st generation jump enabled ship which also can survey gravitational anomalies.

Amathaunta class Jump Scout 3 800 tons 93 Crew 463.6 BP TCS 76 TH 200 EM 0 2631 km/s JR 3-50 Armour 1-21 Shields 0-0 Sensors 1/1/1/0 Damage Control Rating 1 PPV 0 Maint Life 1.01 Years MSP 76 AFR 115% IFR 1.6% 1YR 74 5YR 1115 Max Repair 100 MSP Intended Deployment Time: 240 months Spare Berths 0

Pervin Aeromarine J4800(3-50) Military Jump Drive Max Ship Size 4800 tons Distance 50k km Squadron Size 3 Pervin Aeromarine 200 EP Nuclear Pulse Engine (1) Power 200 Fuel Use 60% Signature 200 Exp 10% Fuel Capacity 250 000 Litres Range 19.7 billion km (86 days at full power)

Gravitational Survey Sensors (1) 1 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

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